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Let This Be Your Takeaway

Care for your clothes and they'll care for you—starting with your Wash Net

It’s been known to wash your delicates in a laundry/wash net when doing laundry. But guess what, to fully utilize and extend the life cycle of each piece—treat all of your clothes as thoughtfully as possible! Make this your new laundry habit and you’re already creating an impact from this small gesture.

Extend product life cycle = sustainable

We thought long and hard about how to make a difference with our packaging methods, keep it real with our values, and re-introduce a nice routine to everyone. When you receive Soul Sporty goodies, they’re packaged in a Wash Net as opposed to a traditional poly bag. It’s a gift from us to you to start loving your pieces properly.

Did you know that we’re all responsible for Microfiber pollution via our clothes???!!!

Do what you can to help. Microfiber is a complex issue that touches all living life on earth. Especially us, humans. Studies have found that we eat, drink, and breath microfibers every day on an astronomical level. With that, the fashion industry contributes 35%—almost the highest percentage—to this issue from household laundry habits. Now, we’re not saying our Soul Sporty Wash Nets is the solution, but we are recognizing that this is something to make it matter.

Put your pieces in this net when washing. Do your part in reducing the amount of tumbling, rubbing, and friction that’s created in the machines. You’ll especially help your synthetic items from loose fiber release or piling. There’s still a lot we need to learn about how to deal with microfiber pollution, but we believe this is a considerable step in the right direction. And, it’s cuter than a plastic poly bag too 😊

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