Care for your clothes and they'll care for you—starting with a Wash Net!!

When you receive Soul Sporty goodies, they’re packaged in a Wash Net as opposed to a traditional poly bag. It’s a gift from us to you to start loving your pieces properly.

It’s been known to wash your delicates in a laundry/wash net when doing laundry. But guess what, to fully utilize and extend the life cycle of each piece—treat all of your clothes as thoughtfully as possible!

Put your pieces in this net when washing. Do your part in reducing the amount of tumbling, rubbing, and friction that’s created in the machines. You’ll especially help your synthetic items from creating loose fiber or piling. There’s a huge issue with microfiber pollution. Although this may not be measurable, we believe this is a considerable step in the right direction.

(1) Care and extend the life cycle of each piece = sustainable
(2) Reduce your household’s negative contribution to microfiber pollution
(3) Consciously build a new habit that’ll make a positive impact!