Slow Fashion = Sustainable

Sustainability is a full spectrum of things. We need to remember it’s about the entire cycle and everything that’s involved. As a whole, it’s about the ecosystem of The People, Planet, Purpose, Profit and how they impact and drive one another. This is an extremely challenging balance to achieve… However! We’re taking a stance on what we can control.

Soul Sporty is for Slow Fashion. We’re committed to extending a products’ life cycle to its fullest. With that, we’re choosing raw materials that fit our character; engineering fabrics for it to strive; constructing garments, and designing details for it to last.

Timeless Styles
Trendless, seasonless, quality over quantity!!
Our styles are basic essentials for the everyday active woman. These are pieces that are timeless, minimal and in your closets to stay, all year round for years to come.

To extend our products’ life cycle to its fullest—every style and detail was designed for stability, durability, and comfort for every body movement.

Our Materials
Before any product design, we look into raw materials that align with our values. It matters that we promote high qualities with environmentally-friendly properties as our base.

To start off—
100% Pima Cotton | The Cashmere of Cotton

Knit Rib | Rayon that’s ethically sourced, consciously produced

Active 360 | 80% Recycled Polyester waste for a new purpose