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We're Choosing Sustainability

We made it! We have arrived!! 

It's been a matter of a different life-choice for us at Soul Sporty.

There was a time when we felt overwhelmed and powerless with the state of our native industry—fashion. Everything was so fast, so under-appreciated, and just felt so much guilt with the legacy we were leaving behind.

From inception, our only motivation was to finally come together and work on something that should matter; that should make a difference for the better; and honestly, for our own peace of mind and soul to stop being the problem, rather a solution. Throughout our preparation, we've experienced a lot of ups and downs, mixed emotions, doubt and especially fear to proceed. If we're playing the devil's advocate—what's in it for anyone to start another new athleisure brand?! And, how truly sustainable can a brand be 100%?!

Yet, we believe that we really have something special here.

I guess like anything in life, a lot of the time we hold back on what we know should be done. For us, It took a lot of courage to come out of our shell and believe in the stance we're pushing for. Even as simple as a single word: sustainable or sustainability—actually, it's an extremely heavy word—it took us quite a journey to feel comfortable and now proud to use.

We’re here to accept all of the challenges ahead. We want to be brave and work on what we can, stay engaged, create awareness, make mistakes, stand up to move forward again, and maybe even inspire some along the way with our journey in sustainability.

Onward we go!!

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